Comments from Parents Who Have Used Ms Parnass’ New Creative Techniques

“Within one day of reading ‘My Feelings are Hungry’ and looking at the Feeling Town Map in the book, things were different.”
-Alice In Florida

“My heart was filled with joy when my child asked me to read ‘My Feelings are Hungry’ again so we can figure things out. The Feeling Town map in the back of the book is amazing!.”
-Rebecca in Los Angeles

“Ms Parnass’s creative ideas have changed me from an unhappy, yelling, frustrated mom, into a positive Time-in, loving mom”
-Mary in Connecticut

“I really cannot thank the Authors enough. I now have the tools I need to be a good parent.”
-Margot in Chicago

“I tell everyone how great it is and the parents that have used it all agree… It saved all of our lives.”
-Angela Rye NY

“It has been so successful for us that we bought several copies for our friends, family members and some of my dearest patients. Thank you.” 
-DR Lynn in Boston

“We couldn’t believe it they actually started telling us things about themselves instead of saying ‘nothing happened.’” 
-Mike and Stacy

“After buying the book my little devil stopped begging for “more, more, more” of everything and became an angel after talking about her feelings!!!”
-Maya in Texas

“This book helped my kid quiet down so much that my landlord asked where did I buy that book” 
-Edgar in NJ


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