“Listen To Me, Please!


By, Dr. Ron Taffel & Ava Parness, RN, MSN, CS with Kate Kaminski

“Listen To Me Please“, is a refreshing new book geared toward getting to know your  3-8 year old kiddos better by simply engaging in conversation and listening to them.

The ” Listen To Me”, technique encourages parents and children to identify their feelings, talk about what truly matters, solve problems and express their authentic selves early on in life.”

The authors talk about “time in” instead of time out. “Time-in” is a calm and playful dialogue with your child, a way to teach kids the skills they need to become successful adults, to teach them about their feelings and listen to their concerns. These enjoyable exchanges are critical to a child’s sense of calm and feelings of self-worth.” I definitely like that.

‘Listen To Me Please”, will also teach you how to keep conversations going, good listening techniques and to find solutions together. There are also lots of great parenting tips included that you will need to read yourself to find out :) .

The book is filled with lots of practical ideas on how to do achieve these things as well as easy to remember instructions.

Here is how the book works :

1.   Choose a time when your child likes to chat.

2.    Flip through the book together and choose a picture / topic that draws am emotion from them and chat about it. Or, use the conversation starters provided.

The conversation starters and pictures are very nice. I particularly like the “I use my words” page. There is an alligator talking and another one with boxing gloves getting ready to punch the talking alligator. It reminds me of my two girls and how frustrating it is when they hit each other. I am for sure going to try this page out on them!

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