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                  Rebecca Parnass 

HAIRSPRAY   Tracy Harvest Collegiate School
FAME JR.       Miss Sherman Rodeph Sholom School
OUR TOWN    Julia Gibbs Rodeph Sholom School
MACBETH      Witch Rodeph Sholom School

Girl Meets World (Gone Wrong) (Student Film) by Rebecca Parnass
THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS Annabeth Chase Typewriter Films (Student Film)
Hairspray  Tracy- Welcome to the 60’s  (Student Film) Harvest Collegiate School
The Curse Young Selena Salma Amer, New York (Student Film)


Studies include: Acting, Voice, Singing, Camera Acting, Film Making/Editing

Studies include: Theatre, Acting, Singing, Film Making/Editing

Studies include: Acting, Voice/Speech, Singing, Stage Combat, Camera Acting.

Singing, Running, Film Editing, Swimming, Screenwriting (has written, directed, self-produced 4 films) Trapeze, Speaks Hebrew.

Instagram-Twitter @RebeccaParnass

Height: 5’ – Weight: 110 lbs – Hair color: Brown – Eye Color: Hazel


2016-21017 9th grade production of  Hairspray as Tracy

2015-2016  Acted in 8th grade production of Fame Jr.  as Ms. Sherman

2014-2015: Acted in 7th grade play : Our Town and Legally Blonde

2014-2015: Wrote, Directed, Filmed, Acted in original creation of
Divergent, Catching fire and The Blood of Olympus

2012-2016 Participates in School Film, Drama, Glee clubs

2011-2016: Sings and Performs once a month at the inspired word

2013-2014: Acted in 6th grade play: Macbeth and sunshine

2012 – 2013: Acted in 5th grade: Co-Wrote 1940’s radio show and Guys and dolls

July 2012: Rebecca was the featured singer at 116 Macdougal and sang an original song “Get Back On My Feet” to a crowd of 200 people.

Jan 2012: Invited to Sing “Auld Lang Syne” in front of 80 people at EsplanadeNov 2012: Performed Adele’s song “Someone Like You” at NYC club

July 2011: Rebecca & Jack WIN THE SINGING CONTEST 1128 votes.
Held by Sing For Hope, Pop Up Pianos in NYC, Singing Hey Soul Sista

June 2011: Kids TV Pilot “Welcome to Feeling Town”

June 2011: Invited to sing and performed at Open Mic in NYC in front of 100 people

Jan 2011: Gala Magazine Photo NYC Shoot (Germanys People Magazine










Rebecca Parnass_041c_FMike wrote: “It’s truly our pleasure, Ava. We adore Rebecca more than you know. She’s such a gift to the show and represents exactly what differentiates us from other open mic shows. Can’t wait for the next time.

Sounds like a magical night was had by all.Nathan, that had to be one of the best introductions I’ve ever gotten, Thank You so much!!!!!!Charlie Scott Thanks big dog, and yeaaa that girl is ONN 10 years old, damn.Nathan Pearson ‎@Charlie Scott….naw thank U 4 always “layin’ it down!” And yes Rebecca is just 10. Can u imagine as she gets “up in age”? Like 12? :0)Charlie Scott True she’s gona blow up. Mondays gonna be a paaaaacked house, everybody’s gotta come. I’ll see u real soon, stay coolNathan Pearson as usual your intro and hosting beyond awesome!!! Michael Phillip thanks great photos great night! Thanks everyone for all the love for Rebecca & all talent in the room.
Greetings Good People! It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to have all of you in the space! And to you Miz Rebecca….you are AWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!! I wish I’d had known you wrote the first song you sang with us! That’s so GroovyCooL!! AND…the number one spot is always yours!!~~~Nathan P. :-)”Mike wrote: “We LOVE you, Rebecca! Come back to see us soon!”Nathan wrote: “@Rebecca! Glad you enjoyed yourself! Haha…glad you laughed at the funeral story lol. Can’t wait to hear one of your original songs! I think I’ll rename the number 1 slot “The Rebecca Zone!” :-)”10yrs old Rebecca Parness bring the house down once again with a rocking performance of  Rolling in the deep~~~Nathan P. 🙂
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James Junghan Kim awesome show Thursday
◦    Listentomeplease Ava Parnass Nathan, mike awesome show!!! Thanks as always for making rebeccas experience performing so special with your kindness & thoughtfulness & of course your talent!Nathan Pearson ‎@Listentomeplease Ava Parnass … time could Rebecca bring along some carpentry tools so she could at least help rebuild the house she keeps bringing down? :-)) :-))David Rey Martinez Yes she tore it up!!
◦    Listentomeplease Ava Parnass Thats so funny nathan re carpentry , hope you are ok with her bantering with you she loves it:) Thanks david and Mike GeffnerNathan Pearson Oh please I LOVE the banter. She has a keen wit!
◦    Listentomeplease Ava Parnass thank you she does too,just wanted to make sureNathan Pearson Nooooooooo problem! Keeps me sharp. LOL :-
Some of you know Ava – she and I run a “Mondays with Ava and Shara” column on Kabongo each week. Ava owns “Listen to me please” – she’s a Psychotherapist and focuses on self esteem and TIME-IN with kids. Anyway, this is Rebecca  singing. I’m not sure why her 9 year old is hanging out in dark clubs at night in New York City but who am I to judge? (haha) Ava will now comment below, correcting me. 😉 (Terrific singing, Rebecca – you’re going places, girl!)
The Adventures Of Penny And Tubs And that is how a Star`is born. We wish her the best and thinks she’s great. Hope we will see more of her her at Penny and Tubs! Thanks Mommy Perks for sharing
◦    Listentomeplease Ava Parnass ha ha that’s so funny, so cute ,thank you shara !!! She been singing constantly every day since she was 2yrs old. I had to help her channel her passion….And they treat her so great at the club, they adopted her, makes her experience very …
◦    Listentomeplease Ava Parnass thanks shara, Jessie Marr Rachel and Tess!!! appreciate!

Shara Lawrence-Weiss You should print out the comments & put them in her memory book :-Brooke Hopkins Dubansky superstars!Deane Rokoff Dubansky Incredible!!! Where do I vote ? Look out America’s Got Talent! Here they come……Santiago Andrade Jack Rebecca you rock keep it upKaren Braun How cool is that??? so impressed!Kara Jansson Love it!!!Lydia Sultanik Rebecca’s adorable; takes lots of guts. kudos!Listentomeplease Ava Parnass thanks, I cant believe she pulled it off!!!:)Nitzan Orhof so mutch confidence – wowww!!!!! she is amazing ‘
Elizabeth Mayer Rappaport Wow!!!!!
Listentomeplease Ava Parnass Thanks liz:)
Rick Schulman That was great! Congrats Rebecca-I’ll listen for you on the radio…Ronit Izbitski wow she sounds like a little angel… is that the little Rebecca we met just two years ago?…
Listentomeplease Ava Parnass Thanks rick:)Listentomeplease Ava Parnass Yes ronit thats little rebecca,she grew in height& courage:)Cimmy Monheit amazing. not just the singing, the presence..the black tshirt, skinny jeans, funky sandals, long hair…it all comes together…Gittie Alster Farkas Yiddeshe Nachas….. What poise for a 9 yr old!Listentomeplease Ava Parnass thanks ladies, she planned and picked out the whole outfit and said after the show did I notice how she positioned her leg(lol)Lydia Sultanik I loved her outfit and the sandals; very cool…Listentomeplease Ava Parnass thanks all:)!! Appreciate, she read the comments and was happy!
Mike Geffner Beautiful!Lydia Sultanik She deserves to be blissful!Listentomeplease Ava Parnass thanks mike, thanks lydia ! Mike beautiful pictures !!!!Nathan Pearson Such a sweetheart. A superstar in the making!Listentomeplease Ava Parnass thank you nathan ,Rebecca loved your style and performance ,she also kept repeating what you said after she sang!:)Mike Geffner We’re still talking about her, Ava.Nathan Pearson Awww…that is soooo sweet. Please tell her I was impressed!Listentomeplease Ava Parnass Thanks for your generosity towards her!!! We appreciated being included with all the talent in the room!Sing for Hope This is wonderful! Why not enter our music video contest for kids under 18? Ava Parnass Ok thankyou! will try to upload, hope i can upload a youtube link:)Candice Braun Thank you, Ava! Love it!!!!!!Listentomeplease Ava Parnass Candice so cute even if we say so( lol) i uploaded video but trying to find link so we can vote for them:)



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  1. Hello Rebecca! Would love to know if you would like to join me on a future episode of ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT and THE BUSINESS of it ALL! to talk about your work as an actor! Connect soon!

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  3. Keren Sablea says:

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is excellent blog. A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

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