“Listen To Me, Please!” Time-In, Not Time-Out:

Listen To Me Please will give you the low down to raising socially-competent, well-adjusted and better behaved children.  All without time-out!  Use this book with your children, connect with them on a deeper level and watch misbehavior disappear!  It’s pure relationship magic!   In addition to helping you listen to your child more effectively, this book will help you accentuate the positive while allowing you to help your child handle tough feelings, deal with the pressures of modern life and learn from mistakes.  This book is part parenting field guide and part interactive story book.
My Feelings Are Hungry:
Did you even know that feelings could get hungry? Well they can! My Feelings Are Hungry, discusses the power of feelings and the need to discuss them. Children dont know what they feel and need to be taught the words to describe the feelings inside so they feel better and behavior improves. My Feelings Are Hungry teaches them to express themselves in a creative way while still knowing they are in a safe environment.
About Ava Parnass:
Join Ava Parnass, a.k.a. “The Kid Whisperer,” author, songwriter and
child therapist  who specializes in marrying Entertainment, Emotional
Intelligence and Time-In not Time-Out parenting for kids. Ms Parnass
helps kids figure out how they feel through playing, talking
,listening,reading, singing and dancing so behavior improves!

Love Life, Love God and Live For HIM …
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One Response to The books deliver exactly what they promise! By @HomeSchoolinMama An absolute life saver 4 parents

  1. Naomi says:

    I have not yet seen Ava’s books but I imagine they are great. I love the sound of them and tihnk if I was working with younger children I would use them in my practice.

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