Art of Listening1: Listen, Listen, Listen well, which means not TALKING!                                                

     2: Listen with calm body language, no phones, no anxiety, be in the moment, be calm!  

     3: Ask Why, Where, Then What …



4: Repeat what you think they say.

5: Ask if you got it right?

6: Respond with “Im sorry, That’s hard or That’s so interesting or  Thanks for Telling me!

 7: NO Minimizing, Arguing or Contradicting them out of how they feel! 

 8:  Ask if they just want you to listen, or make it better and solve together!

                                      EMPATHY and LEARNING NEW SKILLS IS IN!

 Launching into “the same thing happened to me story”  before you follow all the above  steps does not make your child or partner feel better. It only hurts and doesn’t help, 

And yes its hard to wait to speak to speak your turn.                      

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3 Responses to Parents Teachers: The Art of Listening in 8 Easy Steps!

  1. Naomi says:

    Very simple yet very effective Ava – you practice what I preach – you preach what I practice

  2. aparnass says:

    Ha ha Naomi that’s funny, well said and true!

  3. […] “Mom, how could they be so rude to her or any girl? I just lost my steam”, he pleaded, looking at me with sad eyes, desperately seeking validation and beseeching me to listen to him. […]

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