Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 8.16.07 PMThank You Twitter! You changed my life For the better!

I don’t know how many of you remember having an imaginary friend or if your child has an imaginary friend, but when I first started Twitter I called everyone my imaginary playmate . It took me about six weeks to three months to learn Twitter etiquette with the help of others.

I have been tweeting for over three years now as @ListentoMePleas and really enjoy it. For the first year I had my world divided into my online virtual friends and my friends in the real world .

As time passed the most interesting thing started happening as in the words of  George from Seinfeld who coined phrase “my worlds started Colliding. And slowly but surely imaginary friends turned into phone friends,  and then teamed with me as co-writers and collaborators, business associates and real friends.  They are all smart funny interesting wonderful people, running the gamut of the business world, psychology, educational fields,  parenting world,  world of music and tv.


411-headerTwitter is also great educational tool to keep on top of the research in many areas. My friends and I call it our “Mind Garden” (#MindGarden) where we grow, cultivate and share new ideas as educators our learning experiences  and new research.  I  also joined an incredible group of experts called 411Voices  who are  25 professional women participating in amazing collaborations, friendships and act as brand ambassadors to scores of companies.


For me, Twitter is an  incredible journey and is a really great place for friendships first and then business! How exciting it is to meet   like minded clinically sophisticated folks that work so  well together.  And last but not leastas  I live in NYC when many of my online real friends travel here, it has  been an  amazing wonderful experience to  meet them in person.  So Thank You Twitter! 
What do you find fun and great about Twitter?
              Louise at Signing
Twitter to me is a huge virtual cocktail party! You arrive at the “virtual door” not knowing many people.  Then slowly you meet people with like interests.  At times, you find yourselves overhearing a conversation and suddenly you are immersed in a different group or topic than your own.  Your comfort zone is stretched and you find yourself using ways to reach out to others that would have been unheard of years ago! HASHTAG is now common vernacular and a way to exchange ideas or find others.  Twitter to me was instrumental in making new friends (including ILR- “In Real Life”) when my family moved from the East to the West coast.
If I were to Tweet a homage to Twitter it would read like this:  @Twitter TYVM 4 opening professional/personal doors 2 me! Lking 4ward 2 future tweeting! #LuvTwitter
Wendy says
I dragged my feet forever before joining twitter.  I have never looked back!  It has led to friendships, collaborations, consulting, co-authorship opps, training gigs and MORE!  My world expanded because of twitter.  In fact, one of my sayings since becoming a “tweeter” is, “Can you be friends with someone you never even met?  Yes! On twitter, you can!”  It has provided me with endless opportunities: personally, socially, professionally.  I am amazed at the caliber of folks I have met on twitter, incuding you, Ava
                        Deborah at Brain Insights 
I have also found twitter to be a fantastic way to connect. There are numerous and wonderful results that have occurred due to meeting extremely terrific people on twitter. Magazine articles, guest blog posts, radio shows, speaking engagements, contributions to books, and collaborative projects have all resulted from relationships made on twitter. And meeting many of these outstanding people in person is always an extraordinary pleasure.
It continues to amaze me to realize how these valuable relationships can develop through sharing 140 characters at a time. But, I feel very fortunate for every ‘twitter friend’ I have gained!”



         Shara at Mommy Perks

When I first got onto Twitter in 2009, I thought it was pretty silly. I had someone else start my account and run my account, in the beginning. I decided to take over because I wanted to tweet for myself (I felt this was more authentic). Since that time I’ve met some of the most amazing, kind, thoughtful, humble and creative people. On Twitter you’ll find everything from Coaches and Doctors to Teachers, Dentists, Parents and Lawyers. Some days it’s hard to drown out the noise and focus on specific learning endeavors. I have found it helpful to network with various people from different groups who really spark my interest. I love learning new things and reading from different perspectives but we sort of have to pick and choose who will be in our circles; as we don’t have time to network closely with everyone. Twitter has brought me new friendships, new colleagues, new clients, business opportunites and a world of learning. It’s also quite humbling because you’ll read opposing viewpoints every single day, all day long, showing you that “not everything thinks just like you!” I love that.

 I would love to hear why you love twitter?

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