Teaching Kids The Art of Conversation

                                                                                 Teaching Kids The Art Of Conversation!

Every conversation has  many subtle dance steps that we learn over the years. We learn how much to talk, how much to listen, how to respond. And some folks are just great at it, while others talk too much and never listen and others dont talk enough.

We can give our kids a head start on the art of  talking and listening? And since kids learn more from what we do then what we say, role model taking turns talking and listening.

Here are Five Easy Steps

1😛 Practice Having them listen to a friends story or your story. 

2😛 Practice having them ask one question, or  comment on friends story. 

3😛 Practice responding with empathy to the story (was that hard or great job)! 

4: Now they can take a turn telling a story.    

5:  If they are interrupted, practice saying, “please let me finish” or  practice saying “can you please comment on my story”. 

  Listen to me cover                                  

For more ideas and “Conversation Starters” Try Book Listen To Me Please


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2 Responses to 5 Steps toTeaching Kids The Art of Conversation!

  1. Shara says:

    Great tips, Ava. It reminds me of working in a Preschool. LOL. The children are taught to listen, reply, ask questions, show empathy, etc. I always enjoy your practical tips. Thanks for helping parents!

  2. aparnass says:

    Thanks so much appreciate the comment! Always so glad we are on the same page!

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