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You may have read my (click ) previous post how I love Totspot and how easy and fun it is to buy and sell my kids gently used clothing.

Totspot makes it easy to sell my kids great clothes that are so full of memories that make the clothes hard to let go of….

Well on MONDAY my favorite (click ) Totspot’s is having a flash sale to encourage folks who currently sell their toddler’s clothes on Instagram to move their “shops” to Totspot (they are offering cash incentives).

Really this is not a hoax its a real business offering very real incentives. Unlike most companies Totspot is putting their money where their mouth is. They are paying you so you can see how fun and worthwhile it is.

Because Totspot also knows how hard it is to switch any vendor you enjoy including our hairdressers or our doctors. They are making things easier by betting money on the fact,betting 1000.00 in fact, that you will love totspot once you switch to selling on it. And as the saying goes” Try it you will like it (thanks Alka seltzer)

Also anyone not currently selling your kids clothes yet its a good time to start to make some money via Totspot.


Totspot is America’s fastest growing resale app for kids’ clothes.

Thousands of new buyers join the Totspot community each day.
Our buyers love a great deal and love good fashion even more.
Building a shop is simple and takes 45 seconds or less.
Amplify your sales on Totspot to Instagram, Facebook and more.
We offer Runway Shows, Editors Picks and Seller Spotlights to further your sales.
Earn 100% commission for a limited time — that’s 0% to us!
We manage all of your transactions, from payments to shipping labels, at no cost to you.
We offer 24/7 customer care and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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