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Disasters can be very scary to both adults and children, alike. Earthquakes are especially unnerving, due to their unpredictability. Recently, my 411 Voices colleague, Louise Sattler,  made me aware of an organization dedicated to helping reduce anxiety associated with earthquakes by giving peace of mind through educating the public.

When I clicked on the recommended website – – I discovered that there was “something for everyone!” First, there is a registration tab so that Rebecca and I can practice on October 15th at 10:15am how to be safe during this designated drill. You can register your family, school (as this is a school day) and your business within minutes. In fact, millions of people will be participating in what is called the world’s largest earthquake drill!

Practice doesn’t have to be just one day, either, as the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety also recommends as part of planning ahead that you practice with your family members this great safety tip – if the earth starts to move you DROP- COVER and HOLD ON! The easy to follow diagrams that they have made available also is a great way to explain to children how to react during an earthquake.
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Here  is the photo that Rebecca took demonstrating how to drop, cover and hold on as if there was an earthquake.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.16.07 PM I uploaded it to my social media accounts using #DropCoverHoldOn . Many others did the same and this is a great way to get our children engaged in safety issues. When you register for the ShakeOut drill you have an option to tell your story or upload a photo, too!


Parents and Teachers will find this link about school safety valuable. Here is a synopsis of important points for those in schools from the website.


You also can find super classroom posters here: (Louise reminded me to add that laminating them will make them last longer.)

I am a visual learner as are many children! So, when I saw the video that explained about earthquake disaster safety I had to admit it caught and sustained my attention.

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Click HERE to watch the video from YouTube (Hint: If you have a smart board in your classroom this would be great to show as part of instruction about safety.)



Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.34.18 PMI also found on the site  a game called Beat the Quake. Not really for little children, but suitable for elementary aged and up. You will find Beat the Quake on the ShakeOut homepage. Again, a great “add-on” for lessons about safety


Living in New York City one learns to be prepared for the unexpected. Whether it is the subway system having issues or winters that just won’t quit! But, after reading the information on the ShakeOut website I realized that I must be prepared at home better than I am. So, I checked out the link to the recommended items and also saw some of the images that were good visual cues on what I need to have on hand. Feel free to pass on this information to others.

Also, there is an excellent Seven Steps tweetchat for seven weeks that covers all the integral parts of earthquake safety measure (and what to do if an earthquake does happen.)

The Tweetchat is on Wednesdays at 2pm Eastern Time and 11 am Pacific Time. This week’s topic is #PlantoBeSafe (Step 2 of 7).

I will be participating as @ListentomePleas  and  my colleagues will be participating from @411voices

Join us by  following  @ShakeOut and using the hashtag  #PlantoBeSafe 

Looking forward to learning from you and resources you may wish to add for earthquake or other disasters. Thank you!

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