About a month ago I emptied out an old locker that I had full of my child’s clothing of all different sizes and ages.

I felt sad and happy as I travelled thru the memories of the different stages of  my child wearing the clothing. I was very surprised that the simple task of emptying a locker was filled with so many feelings. It was the end of an era, 12 fun extraordinary years that had gone by in a blink. So in hindsight it was no wonder that I had put off the task for so long.

I had a really hard time letting go of the items even though most of them needed to be thrown out never to be used again. I kept saying, oh remember this, oh remember that, remember when we went here!  In the end there were a number of items that I just couldn’t part with so I saved them for no reason other then nostalgia!

However recently I happened on a fabulous app My Tot Spot that Beth Engelman a friend and colleague of mine from 411voices   recommended to me. Beth blogs at mommy on a shoestring and I love her many fabulous tips. I immediately became really excited and  looked into it. Low and behold I had found the solution to my problem of hoarding lovely clothes that no longer fit but were so  full of loving memories that I kept them in the closet way too long!

I downloaded the app and quickly pulled out 4 items that I loved. I then eagerly took pictures and began to upload with the idea of posting and selling ! The idea to sell the items my child had outgrown took hold. 

There is something very exciting about this app that didn’t leave me feeling as sad that I had moved to the next phase of life with my child.  ( Although I am enjoying this phase too)
Here are the four items that I am selling wish me luck!





It was really easy to upload the pictures I took, and then add the sizes, description and  price! Easy as one two three and the buyer pays shipping, yay!
Here is a picture of my closet on the App!

totspot closet 1You can find out more about MyTotSpot App if you click on the following links      Download:itunes

Instagram: @mytotspot

Facebook:       Twitter (@mytotspot)

And as the saying go: “Try it you will love it “ Just like I did!

Let me know how your adventure on MyTotSpot App goes  And use my code UTNYFF for a free $2 store credit  




9 Responses to I find it hard to let go of my child’s mostly new clothing they outgrew, do you? I tried MyTotSpot App

  1. I totally agree- I want to keep everything because of the memories they bring back! I allow myself one item for each stage 🙂 Great post and app!

  2. Shara says:

    I save a few pieces of clothing from each child (in their memory boxes). The rest, however, I donate or give away (or it can be sold through an app like Totspot). 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ava.

    • Ava says:

      Thanks so much Shara!
      that’s a great idea to save clothing in a memory box!
      Cheryl also commented that they save a piece of clothing from each stage!
      Love the idea of a memory box!

  3. Juli Lipof says:

    It’s so hard to part with tiny outfits and little dresses! We’ve saved a few. Like the dress my daughter wore to the Daddy/daughter dance when she was 5 and my son’s first teeny Patriots jersey. We also have a few things in a memory box. We’ve donated a lot of clothes to family friends and neighbors but also LOVE the idea of selling a few items on TotSpot!
    What a great app…thanks for sharing, Ava!

  4. Lori says:

    That is so true Ava. One look at an outfit can open the memory flood gates. I so understand feeling attached. It is also great to make room for new clothes and experiences. I love cleaning out closets and draws. Invigorating. I too tried the TotSpot app and found it super easy to use

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