Hungry Feelings not TummyI imagine most of you who are clicking on this are hoping to read about a magical way to help your child eat healthier or weigh less. Or perhaps you are looking for tips on how to sneak in the fruits and vegetables so the kids can’t tell. Don’t worry – there is a ton written on that topic.

I am going to write about one magic bullet, and that is, drum roll please….. prevention and intervention for overeating and living healthier. Healthy Feelings = Healthy Eating .

It’s a surprise to most parents that their kids feelings get hungry not just their tummies. Its also a surprise to most adults that their own feelings get hungry and its not about willpower.

Adults and children’s day-to-day upsets, unexpressed and hidden feelings can lead to overeating, but food can never truly satisfy the emotional hunger. Here are some thoughts on how to get to the root of the problem.

Since most kids and adults are not adept at identifying or expressing their feelings in language — only in outward behavior —(overeating or misbehaving) all ages need to learn how to effectively express what’s wrong. The more parents learn to recognize their own overeating as “disguised feelings” the more they can help their children recognize and bring buried feelings to awareness.

The more we talk about how we feel and recognize the feelings underneath the cravings, the more improvement will occur in the overeating behavior. And in addition your kids may already be giving you clues about what upsets them, most of which have nothing to do with food at all.

 If you notice your child is overweight or overeats frequently, there will be many more tips in the New Book

BEHAVIOR DETECTIVE:  Investigates: Hungry Feelings Not Hungry Tummy:

 Your Childs Behavior is a Foreign Language: Inspire, Translate and Transform Behavior:

You can help yourself and your child recognize the Food-Mood Connection by learning and teaching the difference between physical and emotional hunger. We teach our children to walk, talk and read. If in addition to those skills we also show ourselves and our kids how to recognize and fully express underlying feelings, families won’t need to medicate their emotional needs with food.

If you notice your child is overweight or overeats frequently,

BECOME A BEHAVIOR DETECTIVE:  Hungry Feelings Not Hungry Tummy:

Your Childs Behavior is a Foreign Language: Inspire, Translate and Transform Behavior:

AVA STORY 020909_Page_01Or My Feelings Are Hungry, for Kids





3 Responses to BECOME A BEHAVIOR DETECTIVE: Hungry Feelings Not Hungry Tummy:

  1. I cant wait to read the book Ava. What you say is very true and is something I consciously plug into with my kids

  2. Dr. Sally says:

    Love this phrase “Become a Behavior Detective.” We are all in the same boat about getting needs met, adults and children alike. While adults figure out all kinds of ways to do it, kids usually just openly misbehave. Therefore, as parents, our job is two-fold.
    1. Settle the overt problem.
    2. Look for the cause.
    With that simple formula, we will be what Ava suggests–” a behavior detective,” the exact right thing to be to both understand and then correctly help our child.
    Thank you Ava for this wonderful, practical, and effective concept.

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