Hello Parents! I am giving away one free ebook of your choice from my online  bookstore to the first 50 buyers who purchase the new book “Hungry Feelings not Hungry Tummy “.

As many of you know by reading my blog posts I’m also known as the kid whisperer.  As such I hear from many many families that they feel stuck in an endless loop of diet, exercise overeating and  trying to eat healthy.
They have over the years been asking me can I please help them.
In order to help many more I wrote this book to help families learn why and how to break the endless cycle of overeating that has no cure in sight.  
I help families learn the many  underlying reasons for overeating and how to  address them .
Overeating, obesity and cravings are all driven by unconscious feelings that we are unaware of that build up from early childhood. It is only by uncovering and understanding the hidden feelings that we can begin to cure cravings and improve and prevent obesity in the long run.
So if your  family would like to start to improve their  overeating, a good place to begin is learning how to tell the difference between “Hungry Feelings not Hungry Tummy”
1:When families purchase the new book  on Amazon Hungry Feelings not Tummy they will begin to learn new techniques and what hidden feelings are underneath their overeating leading to improvement, remission and a long term cure.
2: When families purchase the book  they will also  get to choose another ebook for free from the online bookstore
Here are the rules:

Purchase the book (click here ) Hungry Feelings Not Tummy
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