The Power of Feelings:

Knowledge is power, and without knowledge of how feelings contribute to children’s misbehaving,bullying and overeating, behavior can’t change.

1. My vision is to raise awareness of the psychological factors that contribute to childhood problems, including overeating and bullying

2. Most people go into parenting — the most important job in the world — with little or no training, and what you don’t know CAN hurt you, and your child. .

3. Instead of Research-Based Parenting on what works best for kids, parents tend to use emotional reasoning: “I feel that what I’m doing is right, so it must be right.”

4. While it’s true that kids have too much fast food, too much homework and not enough recess or physical activity, the obesity epidemic cannot be solved without dealing with the emotional issues of why children overeat.

5. Most parents think they can have it all — and do it all well. The rise in obesity and psychiatric numbers shows us that our kids are suffering because their needs are not being met. I have created many innovative techniques that parents can use to raise the parenting bar.

6. The key to success is early intervention. If parents devote even 5 minutes a day to their children’s emotional health using these techniques and Research-Based Parenting, the result will be positive changes in behavior and attitude.

Do You Wish You Had The Magical Solution to Your Child’s Misbehaving or Overeating

Does your child beg for “more, more, more” of everything — junk food, snacks, toys, computer time and TV?

When you ask your child what did they do today, do they respond in a monosyllabic fashion, or say “I did nothing today,” or “My day was fine”?

Are you surprised when your child says that a fun activity was boring, and would you like to understand what it really means?

Does your child have frequent mood or behavioral changes that seem to arise out of nowhere?

Ava Parnass gives you new techniques and answers to these important questions in her 2 books, “My Feelings Are Hungry”, and “Listen to Me Please”

In her new book “My Feelings are Hungry” Ms Parnass created a Feeling Town Map where streets are named after emotions. Parents and children can look at the colorful map together and figure out.


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