Together in Feeling Town we can teach our kids Emotional Intelligence and Transition to “Time-In”  Parenting

Mommy, I’m Ugly!” — Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

•    You know if we talk about it, we will feel better
•    How about if I make some guesses?
•    Did something happen with a teacher?
•    Did something happen with one of the kids in class?
•    Did somebody call you a name today?
•    Maybe we can figure out what is hiding out underneath the “I’m Ugly.”
•    When kids say they’re ugly, they are really saying that something hurt their    feelings or something is bothering them.
•    Let’s pick up our self-confidence from the floor.
•    I’m sorry she hurt your feelings, kids can be mean.
•    What if we say, “that hurt my feelings”.
•    Get the Stress Out, Talk it Out ,Dance it Out, Play it Out

Welcome to Feeling Town Where Kids Talk it Out
Time-In Parenting

Never too early too teach babies (video coming soon..

My Feelings Are Hungry Song:Fun for families to dance & sing while learning Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally healthy children:

Are better learners,
Have fewer behavior problems
Feel better about themselves ,
Are better able to resist peer pressure
Are less violent, more empathetic
Are better at resolving conflicts
Are less likely to engage in self-destructive behavior (drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancy)
Have more friends,
Have better impulse control;
are better able to delay gratification
Are happier, healthier and more “successful”
(Based on research presented in Goleman’s book)


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