Alex Forbes — Song Writer Extraordinare

Al Margolis — Very talented Illustrator

Robin Corey Books — Random House kids

Dr James Corrigano — Most Healing NYC Excellent Chiropracter Adult Kids & babys

Mommy Perks — Awesome Business and Parenting expertise

Dr Greenberg — excellent podiatrist Adult and pediatric

Alex Forbes — Best Song Writing Coach

Dr Gilbert  — Great NYC Chiropractor – Adults, Kids & babys pediatric

Tova Ovadia — Fantastic Physical Therapist Adult and Kids

Dr Mark Parnass — Best NJ Dentist

LightsResolve — Best NYC Indy band

Alcat — Best food sensitivity testing, get rid of Sinus problems headaches, stomach aches joint pains

Dr Dana Walters — Best Long Island Chiro  or visit here

411 voices

Dr Lynne Kenney

Design Media Pros — Rick Weiss, Excellent WEB Design

Wendy Young  — Kidlutions

Louise Sattler  — Signing Families

Natasha Sattler — Actress,Writer, PR Virtual Assistant

Rene Schlessinger — Best NYC Couples and parenting and Individual Therapist

Melinda Knight  — Womentorz

Living your Moment — Abbey Fatica

Jessica Marr – MomVantage

Lea Swenson – writer journalist & prof business copywriting

Social Moms Social Networking for Influential Moms 


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