In her children’s book, My Feelings Are Hungry, the superhero, Mushy the Magic Book, flies with kids in the E-mobile to Feeling Town to help solve problems. Did you even know that feelings could get hungry?   My Feelings are Hungry is the first book to ever address some of the key emotional issues that make kids want to eat more and also misbehave. My Feelings are Hungry is likely to become one of the single-most important books in the fight against childhood obesity in understanding that underneath all behavior are unresolved feelings!

In My Feelings Are Hungry, the main character, Rebecca, is having a very bad day.  Through rhyming prose, we take a trip with Rebecca through her kitchen as she tries to calm herself with goodies and confections of all sorts.  Suddenly, Mushy, a magical book guide, appears to transport the main character through Feelings Town.  Through talking and processing those feelings, Rebecca is able to learn new ways to cope with them.  Feelings Town is a wonderful place for all kids to explore their inner workings and learn that having big feelings is okay!

It’s an imaginative story kids love, featuring a FUN Entertaining Feeling Town Map that kids love at the back of the book. The map helps parents and kids start a Daily Feelings Ritual so that everyone can figure out the feelings hiding underneath their misbehaving and overeating, in order to change it.

To buy the Downloadable pdf for $6.49 click the Download button. Click here to buy the softcover book from Amazon ($12.99)



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