Ms Parnass understands what  kids need! Some people are gifted musicians, others are amazing storytellers and a  few can help those who truly are in desperate need.  Wrap together the musician, storyteller and the person with a heart to help others and you have one Ava Parnass. One of their primary needs is  love and the need to be listened to, really listened to. It seems like listening is something that should come naturally to all of us, yet with the frenetic pace of today’s world and multiple demands on our time, we may not listen to our children in ways that are meaningful to them.

Understanding that Ms. Parnass wrote “Listen to Me, Please! Time-In, Not Time-Out,” co-written with Dr. Ron Taffel, featuring new techniques with conversation starters and the use of pictures and words to help parents and children learn without time-out. This book is a game changer, Ms Parnass coined the phrase Time-In Not Time Out and shows parents exactly how to do that!

The book is part parenting field guide and part interactive story book.  It’s a book both parents and children will want to return to again and again.  Using this book with  children is fun and helps connect with them on a deeper level. Use it and  watch misbehavior disappear!  It’s pure relationship magic!  Excerpts from the book appeared in Nick Jr. Family Magazine for 3 consecutive months.

To buy the Downloadable pdf for $8.49 click the Download button. Click here to buy the softcover book from Amazon ($15.95)



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  1. […] talking doesnt work try using the book “ListenToMePlease with pictures..he needs to use his feelings […]

  2. I am going to forward this info to my daughter who is a social worker and child life specialist using play therapy techniques with children.

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