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New Book :  Behavior Detective Investigates:

Hungry Feelings not Hungry Tummy  (email me to review)


   Conversation Starters plus 100’s          of tips to help kids and families who

   overeat are overfed or beg for snacks!



The Conversation Starters also help turn Misbehaving into Cooperation!

Ava_BookCover_back_WEBAs “The Kid Whisperer,” parents often ask me what exactly is my specialty or what exactly do I do with baby’s and kids?

 I start by helping parents understand 6 basic areas at first:


1: When parents  change their parenting behavior, using empathy and compassion instead of punishment, and time-outs  their  children’s behavior improves.

2: When parents help their children with their hidden feelings  behavior improves!

 3: When parents spend more time with their kids and play pretend with them behavior improves.

4:  I help parents understand how their childhood impacts the parenting of their children. I help parents figure out  what they didn’t get emotionally so they can start  giving it to their kids..

5: I educate parents  on how their anxiety, fears, yelling,moodiness, overworking, overeating, not eating are all examples of difficulty processing emotions. I help parents  learn how to process their emotions differently without symptoms so they can teach their kids how.

6: We wouldn’t hire a lawyer without a law degree yet we parent without a degree. I recommend to all parents (even therapists)  to consult with a child therapist monthly on how to help your kids process their hidden emotions and develop new coping skills.

E mail me your questions. I  help parents in email and skype. I also do home visits and am hired to speak in NYC.

Here are a few of the topics I help parents, baby’s and children with.

  • Become a Feelings and Behavior Detective Your Baby and Child’s Behavior is a Foreign Language Translate it  into, New Words, New Feelings and  New Skills with our Books and Songs
  • You can help your family learn to tell the difference between Heart Hunger and Tummy Hunger!  Kids feelings  get Hungry all the time.
  • Prevention Of Emotional Problems : Teaching kids Emotional Literacy helps prevent future behavioral and mood problems! The alternative to misbehaving or overeating is knowing how they feel, talking about it and solving it. When parents  show empathy for  misbehaving caused by hard feelings instead of punishment, behavior improves.
  • Parenting with our Books and Songs Helps Protect and Enhances your Baby’s and Childs development by teaching mood regulation, new skills and therefore protects their Emotional Future.
  • Behavior Detective Parenting: Shows your children’s feelings kindness and empathy so that they will grow up and be kind to the world!

Most Families can  Benefit from Parenting and Baby-Kid Coaching:

  • Worried about your babies mood or development? Going back to work? Having a new baby?
  • Need help with sleep training or learning how to play pretend, potty training or transitioning to new activities or people.
  • Tired of Kids Misbehaving? Not listening? Meltdowns? Being uncooperative? Starting pre-school or new school?
  • Tired of Kids begging for snacks all the time and overeating?  ( Healthy Feelings = Healthy Eating = Healthy Behavior)

E mail me your questions. I  help parents in email and skype. I also do home visits in NYC and am hired to speak often.

You can also try the Books and Songs to teach your kids new Feelings Skills to better manage their behavior with a “Social-Emotional” parenting style.  


1/ When you ask your child how they feel DONT EXPECT AN ANSWER .

Instead of asking how they feel..Wonder out loud  by giving choices of how they might be feeling?
I wonder if you are ANGRY,  I wonder if you are hurt or disappointed?

Do not expect a response for months or sometimes years depending on the child..
What you can expect is a Change in their Behavior or Mood..If you GUESS The Correct Feelings.

Here is a brief summary, Lovely Voice Over Courtesy of Dara Blaker  fellow member of 411voices 

Lets Create a  Better Tomorrow and Healthier Future by Becoming a Feelings and Behavioral Detective.

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