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Social Media, Social Tv, and Brand Ambassador @411voices  Super Size your Social Media with us!   
 At  @411voices Social Media Network we are Social media correspondents and  influencers. We can help you expand the conversation about your BRAND beyond traditional marketing.


Also an Author, Songwriter and Infant -Child-Family Psychotherapist, I educate and encourage Empathy 1st:

Listening + Empathy for Kids Feelings Improves Mental Health.

What is Empathy for kids feelings? Saying “I am  sorry, that’s a hard feeling” or “I am sorry, are  you  disappointed” or “I am glad you are excited” or “that is very interesting”.

Empathy is not: educating, explaining, lecturing, reminding, teaching, scolding or blaming .

Learn how to Investigate and Figure out kids feelings to increase and improve mental health and success in life #HungryFeelings  Books on Amazon

—————-Social Media, Social Tv, and Brand Ambassador

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As an Author (Speaker) Songwriter and Child Psychotherapist: My  Mission is PREVENTION of  emotional problems in children including childhood obesity.

Prevention and increase mental health skills requires Empathy and listening 1st. Before educating, lecturing, teaching, reminding. 


Prevention of pathology can be achieved in early childhood by helping  parents and kids become Behavior and Feelings Detectives using Empathy for kids feelings.

Prevention and Improvement can be achieved by understanding that uncovering hidden feelings underneath behavior prevents and improves problems while learning new skills .

Prevention and Improvement can be achieved by understanding that if we change our parenting by learning new skills our kids behavior will improve.

Ava_BookCover_front_WEB  I write books and songs to help parents and kids become Behavior Detectives.

The book “Hungry Feeling not Hungry Tummy” has 100’s of Conversation Starters plus tips to help children and families who have difficult behavior or overeat  or beg for snacks.


The Conversation Starters help turn Misbehaving into Cooperation!  Families learn to talk about feelings instead of food and find new solutions to problems instead of overeating.

Behavior Detectives investigate the hidden feelings causing misbehaving, overeating, moodiness, overactivity etc. I help parents uncover and talk about hidden feelings and then encourage them to respond with empathy and compassion (Time-In) instead of punishment (Time-Out) to solve problems. When parents change their parenting by using empathy and teaching new skills a child’s behavior improves. Ava Parnass “The Kid Whisperer helps kids figure out how they feel through playing, talking listening,reading, singing and dancing. Ms. Parnass also has a sub-specialty in the connection between emotional issues and childhood obesity.

So Let’s Create a Better Tomorrow | One Feeling-One Behavior at a Time    

New Book :  Behavior Detective Investigates:  Hungry Feelings not Hungry Tummy  (email me to review)

Ava_BookCover_back_WEBAs “The Kid Whisperer,” parents often ask me what exactly is my specialty or what exactly do I do with baby’s and kids?




I start by helping parents understand 6 basic areas at first:


1: When parents  change their parenting behavior, using empathy and compassion instead of punishment, and time-outs  their  children’s behavior improves.

2: When parents help their children with their hidden feelings  behavior improves!

 3: When parents spend more time with their kids and play pretend with them behavior improves.

4:  I help parents understand how their childhood impacts the parenting of their children. I help parents figure out  what they didn’t get emotionally so they can start  giving it to their kids..

5: I educate parents  on how their anxiety, fears, yelling,moodiness, overworking, overeating, not eating are all examples of difficulty processing emotions. I help parents  learn how to process their emotions differently without symptoms so they can teach their kids how.

6: We wouldn’t hire a lawyer without a law degree yet we parent without a degree. I recommend to all parents (even therapists)  to consult with a child therapist monthly on how to help your kids process their hidden emotions and develop new coping skills.

E mail me your questions. I  help parents in email and Skype. Most Families can  Benefit from Parenting and Baby-Kid Coaching:

  • Worried about your babies mood or development? Going back to work? Having a new baby?
  • Need help with sleep training or learning how to play pretend, potty training or transitioning to new activities or people.
  • Tired of Kids Misbehaving? Not listening? Meltdowns? Being uncooperative? Starting pre-school or new school?
  • Tired of Kids begging for snacks all the time and overeating?  ( Healthy Feelings = Healthy Eating = Healthy Behavior)

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